The establishment is equipped with 6 rooms with twin beds and 2 rooms with double beds. All of them have bathroom, hot water and central heating

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 The rooms have a common living-room with TV, fireplace and table games.


Our dining room has got capacity for 60 people. The dishes come from maragata traditional cooking which are elaborated with fresh products.


  • "Cocido maragato". four course meal (very popular all over Spain. You have to try it!)
  • Local stuff: cured meat, cured ham, "chorizo". 
  • Delicious Teleno meat.
  • Codfish and conger at "garlic muleteer".
  • Octopussy.
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The old grinding room is the restaurant now. 
  The "cocido maragato" is with no doubt the most well-known dish of the maragata gastronomy. We start to eat it with the last dish: the meat ("chorizo", bacon, beef, ear, snout and hoof of a pig; it has got some hen too). Then we have chick-peas (with potatoes and cabbage) to end with the soup. As dessert you can have custard and ring-shaped cake.



We have two bars, with T.V. and music and we put some tables and chairs in the inner court for the summer nigths.

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Ours bar


  • We provide our clients with free mountain bikes.
  • Enjoy horseback riding walks through Maragateria area. 
  • We offer trial motor-bike and quads.
  • Fishing at the Duerna river, free preserves and Duerna and Priaranza preserves. 
  • We will offer you aquatic activities soon. 

The Molino del arriero is open all year

Now, we have ADSL for our clients free!





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Fisherman in the Duerna river

  Tel  987 601 720

Molino del Arriero
Avda Villalibre 5. Luyego de Somoza
24717 León, España