There is a great variety of routes around the Muleteer Mill. First of all we advise you to go round Luyego and some other "maragato" village like: Villalibre, Quintanilla, Boisán, Filiel. In some of these villages you would find wood, wool and iron artisans and you can buy natural products like honey, chestnuts, etc


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 Artisan flautas and castanets.

  The Road of Santiago almost reaches the area. At the villages of the Road of Santiago you can admire typicals "maragatas" houses, as well as beautiful romanic and baroque churches. Not far from where we are is the city of Astorga (18 km.) It is worth visiting the Cathedral , the Episcopal Palace work of the famous Architect Antonio Gaudi and the Roman remains. Further away you can visit "Las Médulas" rests of a roman gold mine, recently declare mankind heritage. 

The following routes are recommended at the page: Teleno Mountains to do on foot (links are in Spanish)


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Place of the Médulas.

  • Fervencia cascade (Foncebadón). "The hidden rumour" (with a guide)
  • Agua Alta cascade . (in Priaranza)
  • Smithy´s way. "Fire and water path" from Pobladura de la Sierra to Compludo (signposting)
  • Pobladura de la Sierra-Peñalba de Santiago y Valle del silencio por el Morredero. (signposting)
  • Sanguiñal´s way. "Deer route" from Tabuyo del Monte to Pozos. (signposting)
  • "Route of Duerna 's golden bed" Molinaferra to Priaranza
  • Filiel - Cascade "Fervón del Diablo"
  • High mountain track: "Teleno mountain´s cord".

We´ll provide you with more information at the Molino about some other routes and possibilities
There is more information at Ayuntamiento de Luyego home page

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