Vista desde el SurIt is an ancient mill from the fIrst years of the 20th century. In fact, it was the fjrst electric mill of the area and it was working until 1970. Basically, it was used to grind wheat and rye. 

  Vista desde el Oeste
The mill is an isolated building in the outskirts of Luyego, closed to The Remedios hermitage. It has got a square plant with an inner "patio" and more than 600 m2 constructed. 


Vista desde el Noreste It was completely restored in 1997, being respectful to the existent building material for the purpose of doing an Inn and a Restaurant.

Nowadays you will find accommodation, restaurant, bar, play-room and salon. 

  Tel  987 601 720

Molino del Arriero
Avda Villalibre 5. Luyego de Somoza
24717 León, España