The "Muleteer Mill" is in Luyego de Somoza, village of the Maragateria region, at the Spanish county town of León


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Map of the northwest of Spain

Luyego is 18 km away from Astorga. To get here, you have to take a road from Astorga to Val of San Lorenzo and then go straight on through Valdespino and Lagunas. Luyego is the next village. 

If you are travelling by the A-6 Madrid-La Coruña you have to go out at a diversion 326 in Astorga that will get you to Val of San Lorenzo; then go straight on to Luyego.

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Maragatería map
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Molino del Arriero
Avda Villalibre 5. Luyego de Somoza
24717 León, España